Title: Letters to a Buddhist Jew
Author: David Gottlieb, Akiva Tatz
Published: January 1, 2005
Country Published: Jerusalem
Publisher: Targum Press
ISBN-10: 1568713568
ISBN-13: 978-1568713564


Cultural Writing. Letters. Jewish studies. Buddhist studies. LETTERS TO A BUDDHIST JEW is a collection of letters between a Jew drawn to Buddhism and an Orthodox rabbi. “In this extraordinary exchange, David Gottlieb, speaking from a Zen perspective, pinpoints the critical questions modern Jews are moved to ask of their tradition, and Akiva Tatz, with kindness, patience and consummate skill, answers with the voice of a fully developed spiritual Judaism. This is a fascinating book: the most serious contribution in this field to date”-Zoketsu Norman Fischer, founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation. According to Jonathan Rosenblum, a columnist for the Jerusalem Post, this book is “a ‘must read’ for any searching Jew.” Gottlieb is an award-winning fiction writer and Rabbi Dr. Tatz is a physician and the founder and director of the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum.

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