Title: The Last Jews of Kerala
Author: Edna Fernandes
Published: 2009
Country Published: India
Publisher: Portobello Books; New Ed edition
ISBN-10: 1846270995
ISBN-13: 978-1846270994

Separated by a narrow stretch of swamp-like waters, and distinguished by the color of their skin, the Black Jews and the White Jews have been locked in a rancorous feud for centuries.

Only now, when their combined number has diminished to less than 50 and they are on the threshold of extinction, have the two remaining Jewish communities in south India begun to realize that their destiny, and their undoing, is the same.

Living in Cochin alongside this last generation, Edna Fernandes tells their story from the illustrious arrival of their ancestors from the court of King Solomon, through their long heyday of wealth, tolerance and privilege to their present twilit existence, as synagogues crumble into disuse and weddings disappear, leaving only funerals.

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