2 cups fine semolina (fine cracked wheat)
1 ½ cups fine grain sugar
1 finely grated coconut
7-8 cardamoms, finely ground
25 grams raisins, washed and dried
25 grams small pieces of cashew nuts
¼ cup cold milk

Roast the grated coconut slightly in a non stick pan. Remove it on to a big plate and leave it for some
time. Heat the non stick pan again on a medium flame. Add some butter or ghee when it is hot. Add
semolina, and stir often until the semolina is golden. Pour this into the big plate and mix it well with
sugar, coconut, cardamom powder, raisins and cashew nut pieces. Add the milk and mix again
thoroughly. Roll the ladoos with wet handsabout the size of a golf ball while the mixture is still hot. The
mouth-watering ladoos are now ready to be eaten by young and old for that extra energy.

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