Recipe Made by Diana Ezekiel Malekar – New Delhi

2 Coconuts, 250 gm of Sugar, Rice Flour – 4 glasses


  • Grate the coconut & put it in a vessel and mix it well with sugar, skinned/peeled dry fruits like Almonds, cashew, Pistachios, Charoli, Elayci/Jaypal all grated fine. Keep on fire and keep stirring well and then add 2 glasses of rice flour.
  • Boil 2 glasses of water in a separate vessel, and add salt, oil – 2 table spoons After the water gets boiled add 2 glasses of rice flour till a thick paste is created.
  • Knead the thick paste rice flour and make it into small puri shaped chappatis. Then put the above coconut mixture onto the chappatis and close the ends of the chappati with the fingers to create a Kiss curl shape on the bagged chappatis. This is the shape of the Modak
  • Take a sufficiently large vessel with the possibility of having a false base of a sieve. Put all the Modaks on the sieve base after having put oil on the sieve base so the Modak do not stick to it. Fill the space between the base and the sieve base with water but it should not touch the sieve base. Cover the Vessel with a plate and let the Modak cook for 20 minutes. It is ready when the Modak are not sticky.

Below is the background story I received regarding the above recipe. Keep in mind that is from the OLD COUNTRY, so it will sound a bit outdated to some.

A Unique and symbolic savory of the Bene Israel Cuisine is the Modak. It is generally served at the Barat Ceremony (i.e. The day the bridegroom brings the bride to his home for the first time. The women of the house put a hot dish of this item with many more than shown in the picture above on the table between the bride & the bridegroom. Now each is supposed to grab as much as one can. The fact of th matter is that generally the bride is able to grab more because she has worked in the kitchen handling hot items. The message to the bridegroom being that you may be master of all you see except the realm of the wife the kitchen. The next message is for the bride to feed her husband from her share. The message being to her that if you want to keep you husband happy that’s how you will feed him.

From Then on thy Live Happily Ever After. The myth is that it will prevent divorces.

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