1 pound rice flour
1 pound wheat semolina (Sooji)
½ pound sugar molasses or jaggery
1 pound cooking oil

Bring 2 ½ big glasses of water to a boil. Add molasses or jaggery and stir until it melts and the liquid
becomes brownish.
Add rice flour and mix well with a ladle. Then add semolina and mix well. Take off the flame and let
cool until the mixture is lukewarm. Knead well with your hands into loose dough.
Remove a small portion of the dough, about the size of a lemon. Put it on a thick plastic or butter paper
and pat on it until it becomes a circle of about 3 inches diameter.
Heat the oil in a deep pan. Transfer the Ghari to the hot oil and fry in on both sides on medium flame
until it is light brown.
Remove the fried Ghari on to a thick paper towel placed on serving dish, to blot excess oil. These taste
best when made fresh before starting the Sabbath meal. Enjoy with meat curry.

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