Title: Ethnicity, Marginality And Identity : The Jews Of Cochin In Israel
Author: G. Oommen
Published: February 1, 2011
Country Published: India
Publisher: Manak Publications
ISBN-10: 8178312441
ISBN-13: 978-8178312446

The Jews of Cochin, one of the migrant communities of Kerala, were clustered around seven synagogues in and around Cochin. They were divided into two groups the White Jews or Paradesis (Foreigners) and the Black Jews or Malabarees. Unlike the Jewish groups in Europe, the Indian Jews faced no persecution or anti-Semitism in the diaspora. The Cochin Jews, as other Jewish communities in India the Bene Israelis and the Baghdadi Jews immigrated to Israel, the so-called ‘Promised Land’ with a great hope after the formation of the Jewish state. What they experienced in the avowed ‘homeland’ was contrary to their expectations.

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