Jewish Cemetery at Kochi in Kerala.

Israel and India

Poly Sci 331 Final Project
As CBN News reports, some Jews are now returning from the world's two most populous nations China and India. .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN
Tel Aviv, Israel (CNN) -- In a scene his parents would have been heartened to see, family and friends recently thronged around young Moshe Holtzberg as men in black suits and black hats took turns cutting locks of hair...
indian jewish family c celebrating the event of malida which is residing choir of prophet elijah to whom indian jews belive a lot and reading of torah singin g it with seder of various fruits and the malida made...
doing mitzvot and maasim tovim to bring the geula
A group of Jews who are thought to be from the exiled "lost tribes", the Bnai Menashe, arrived in Israel in December 2012. Short... video story about their arrival. For more information, see
India's 'lost tribe' of Jews from Karishma Vyas on Vimeo. India’s ‘lost tribe’ of Jews look to Israel CHURACHANDPUR, India They say they are the descendants of an ancient tribe of Jews exiled from the land of Israel almost 3000 years ago....
Thousands of previously God-fearing Christians in the Indian enclave of Mizoram are converting to Judaism. They believe they are descended from one of the twelve lost tribes of Israel.