Joan Nathan travels to India to look for Jewish food and discovers a rich cultural history in the process.
An example of Jewish Indian Cooking from the cookbook, "Shanivar Teli, Jewish Indian Cooking" by Judith Daniels available on

Jews of India

This is the second in the series of diminishing communities of India, who migrated from their native lands and made this country their own. This time it's about the Jews who have a small, but significant presence in various...
Jewish Cemetery at Kochi in Kerala.
This is a short video of the story of the Indian Jews.

Video: Jews of Cochin

Jews of Cochin - Part 1 of 2 Jews of Cochin - Part 2 of 2 Jews of Cochin
While India celebrates Hanukkah, we take a look in Delhi where a small group of the Jewish community meets in the rabbi's house to remember the loved ones lost in the Bombay (Mumbai) terror attacks. Tension is high but the...

Israel and India

Poly Sci 331 Final Project
Sadia Shepard grew up in the Muslim faith. She later discovered that her grandmother was Jewish, a rare thing in India. In an effort to uncover her heritage, Sadia returned to India to find the Jewish tribe of her...